Brainspotting is a relatively new form of treatment that taps into the body’s​ innate ability to heal in order to reduce and eliminate the impact of unresolved trauma, negative beliefs, and emotional distress. It accomplishes this by using a unique and powerful combination of specific eye positioning and bilateral auditory stimulation (music).

Developed by Dr. David Grand just over a decade ago, brainspotting is based upon the idea that what’s going on inside our brain is directly related to where we focus our eyes. To quote Dr. Grand, “Where you look affects how you feel.” That’s the foundational premise — the motto — of this powerful modality.

Dr. Grand discovered that there is a very specific and intimate relationship between our brain and our eyes. Whenever we visually scan our surroundings for information, we’re also scanning our brain for our thoughts, ideas, and emotional responses. We also may be scanning our brain to find where repressed memories and feelings (related to something traumatic or distressing) are stored.

Many experts in the area of trauma treatment believe that when we are overwhelmed by something traumatic or deeply distressing, the emotional “charge” or memory from that event becomes stored or trapped in our body. We’re often unaware that this has even occurred, but our brain is altered as a result. It can cause problems on all levels — emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Brainspotting is designed to discover, dislodge, and ultimately release that trapped energy so it no longer causes problems in our life. Please click on the link below to see a video about brainspotting.

What is a Brainspot?

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what a “Brainspot” is and

how “Brainspotting” works.

Why Choose Brainspotting?

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