I am an EMDR-trained therapist (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and frequently use this technique when working with clients who are suffering from trauma, anxiety, panic, disturbing memories, post traumatic stress, and other emotional problems. In the past, these conditions were difficult and time-consuming to treat. EMDR therapy often has been found to help the client heal more rapidly and provide lasting relief for many types of emotional distress.

After using EMDR in one or more sessions, clients report feeling as if a heavy burden has been lifted from their shoulders. Many people have been held back for years by unresolved issues that have kept them from enjoying their current life. EMDR has demonstrated dramatic and lasting results and is backed by research, as well as by individuals who have experienced the results.

I remain up-to-date with my clinical training in EMDR by attending workshops throughout the country, attending local EMDR monthly meetings, and receiving clinical consultation by certified EMDR consultants. Please click on the link below to view a video about EMDR.

What is EMDR Therapy?
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